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Cooperate workshops and Seminars

  • Cooperate workshops and Seminars
  • Wellifehub offers a range of training aimed at individuals, companies, and organizations. To arrange for training on mental health issues and psychoeducation, send an email with the size of your group, the length of the training to tailor make the training according to your specific needs. We also offer psychology students with specific training aimed at preparing them for the world of practice.
  • Topics covered include, but are not limited to;
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Workplace boundaries
  • Coping with anxiety in the workplace
  • Career development
  • The impact of working from home on the family system/The new normal
  • Enhancing your self-worth
  • Remaining resilient
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • The importance of seeking help for mental health
  • Fear of Failure

  • To book a presenter for your seminar or a facilitator for your workshop, contact us on admin@wellifehub.com to discuss the details of your unique request.
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